Cordoba Chamber of Commerce – Brexit consequences

On 10 May, Quabbala Abogados y Economistas gave the conference “How to do business in United Kingdom and Brexit consequences” in Cordoba Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

Our Managing Director, Rubén García-Quismondo, in addition to analysing new forms of business opportunities and investment between Spain and United Kingdom, also talked about Brexit consequences to the investors:

“At the moment, the uncertainty is the only Brexit consequence. It still has not affected the commercial relations by the simple fact that it has not been pronounced yet. We are now in the negotiation fase between the European Union and U.K., which will end in March 2019. However, both zones will be in a transition period until the end of 2020. Therefrom we will know what will be the Brexit Consequences regarding commercial relations between UE countries and the UK. In all likelihood, booth parts might get to a customs agreement that could allow companies to do business like they used to do before”.