We offer consultancy services to companies and organizations in the design and implementation of sustainable management systems.

Social Responsibility Management

  • Evaluation of the early-stage situation
  • Social Responsibility Plan and Strategy Design
  • Consultancy in Good Governance
  • Identification and Communication with Groups of Interest
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Responsible Management of the Providers Chain

  • Risk Evaluation with RSE focus.
  • Development of Codes of Conduct.
  • Responsible management of the Supply Chain.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Responsible Management of People

  • Evaluation of the situation.
  • Design and Implementation of Diversity Management Plans
  • Design and Implementation of Equality Management Plans
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
Strategic Planning of Social Action

  • Plan Design of Social Action
  • Consultancy to establish alliances with third-sector organizations.
  • Design and Implementation of Volunteer Corporate Programmes

Report Writing and Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reports.

  • GRI report
  • World Agreement Progress Report.
  • Impact measurement.

Social Responsibility Communication

  • Social Responsibility Communication Plan Design.
  • Online and Offline Communication Campaign
  • Press Office.
  • Event Management and Organization.
  • Communication 2.0 and Social Media.