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Exclusive distribution contract sample

Not like a normal product distribution contract, an exclusive distribution contract is exclusive to one wholesaler/ retailer / distributor in a particular city or a marketplace (the exclusive distribution contract sample will be provided briefly in this article). Exclusive distribution contract is sometimes called ¨sole distribution agreement¨, however because sole distribution means the distributor retains […]

Infrastructure market in China

Infrastructure has always been an urgent issue in highly developing countries, especially for a fast growing country like China, there is lots of potential domestic growth in infrastructure market mainly because of the economic and demographic shifts in this emerging market, especially the growing urbanization as said Juan Pablo Galvo, CEO of Nuevatal PCS de […]


Bankruptcy is a legal status consisting in the administration of the affairs of an insolvent individual by a trustee in the interests of his creditors generally. It does not apply to companies or partnerships, although individual members of a partnership can be made bankrupt. An individual is made bankrupt as a result of a petition […]

Investment Opportunities in Spain

On 14 December 2017, the Annual Meeting of KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)  will take place in Madrid. Quabbala Lawyers and Economists will be present with the participation of our Managing Director Rubén Garcia-Quismondo in the conference Investment Opportunities in Spain. Motivation and the exportation approach of Korea in Europe will be the main issues […]

Infrastructure market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong ranked the 9th place in the international LPI (Logistics Performance Index) global ranking in 2016, according to the World Bank, implying the level of infrastructure market in the corresponding economic markets; furthermore, Hong Kong ranked the first place in Global Competitiveness Report held by the World Economic Forum, thanks to its ranking to […]