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Quabbala in IMEX Tarragona 2018

The first edition of the Business Meeting IMEX Tarragona has closed with the attendance of 479 professionals and the participation of representatives of 33 countries and 311 meetings in two days of activity. Quabbala Abogados y Economistas in addition to representing China, Hong Kong and Singapore, has been exhibiting and giving conferences throughout the event.

What does restructuring mean in business?

What does restructuring mean in business? Business restructuring is a corporate management term that often related to debt, ownership, operations and structures. The reasons of business restructuring are not only for corporates that are suffering management risk or financial distress but are often related to the corporate demand of a sale or merger, employee buyout, […]

Raising finance to start a business

Starting a business is challenging and can hardly be done without capital. One of the biggest preoccupations of an entrepreneur is how to raise the financial resources that are going to be necessary in order to maintain the business of the ground while the revenues are still marginal. The two most common solutions go around getting a loan that the entrepreneur is […]


When a company enters insolvency it is vital to understand the different classes of creditors and the order of priority applicable. There are three main types of creditors: Secured creditors Those who hold security over the company assets. They are generally banks or asset-based lenders with a legal charge registered at Companies House, which can […]

CVA – Company Voluntary Arrangement

A CVA is essentially a legal binding agreement between an insolvent company and its creditors. This agreement allows a company in financial difficulty to reach a voluntary accord with its business creditors regarding repayment of all or part of its corporate debts out of future profits over a period of time to be agreed, usually 3-5 […]