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In order to be able to attend its growing business volume, in 2016 Quabbala Lawyers & Economists Ltd. has moved its headquarters to the recently inaugurated KP Tower in Hong Kong. The office in Hong Kong was the first one, the company opened outside of Spain.
We seek to provide benefits to our customers in a growing market of the Asian and Chinese emerging economies, whose growth rate is higher than those of the European Union.
We help develop our client’s businesses in foreign markets and actively participate in international events to promote the international expansion of SME’s in China, India, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam. We regularly attend the International Canton Trade Fairs and the Hong Kong Trade Fairs.
We also attend the International Business Forum IMEX annually, and give conferences about markets and business development in the Asia Pacific region.

Quabbala Lawyers & Economists is a firm consisted of a professional, highly international team in the field of law and economics.

The Hong Kong office is the first oversea office we have established outside of Spain. As Spanish lawyers in China, we corporate with companies, especially Spanish companies in China mainland and Hong Kong SAR both. We seek to benefit our customers from the emerging Asian market, we actively participate international events to promote the internationalization of small and medium enterprises in China, India, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam: we have attended five editions of Canton International Fair and the Hong Kong Fair, representing Spanish companies in Hong Kong.

Moreover, we, as expert Spanish lawyers in Hong Kong, go to Imex annually and continuously to give speeches on how to do business in countries in the Asia Pacific region, as well as interpretation and enforcement of laws in China and Hong Kong SAR.

Practice Areas
  • Design of strategic plans
  • Import & export
  • Company incorporation
  • Finding of new business partners
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Accounting and auditing
  • International taxation
  • Company incorporation and commercial contracts: Distribution, agency, franchise, etc
  • Intellectual property


16/F • KP Tower
93 King’s Road, North Point
Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2813 6002
Fax: (+852) 3544 3199