Why invest in Spain?

Spain counts with a European market of 47 million consumers, to which it can be added the more than 60 million tourists who visit it every year. It has a remarkable geographical position, which gives potential access to more than 1.3 billion consumers in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Its labor market combines a huge range of young and highly skilled labor with comparatively competitive costs, public services and service rentals respect the rest of Europe.

Another great incentive to invest in Spain is its modern and high-quality infrastructure network, as well as an excellent energy and telecommunications networks. In addition, Spain has more than eight technology parks with a very high number of established companies. Spain also has the largest network of business incubators in Europe, thanks to big investments carried out by the Fincyde Foundation of Chambers of Commerce through European FEDER funds since 1999. Businessmen and entrepreneurs have found them to be an appropriate way to start or strengthen their activity and they are an important tool for promoting entrepreneurial spirit.

Foreign investors have access to interesting incentives, offered by many different administrations to stimulate research, development and innovation. The role of Spain as a leading member of the EU and the fourth largest economy in the eurozone also provides access to European aid programs.

Spain has one of the most modern and efficient laws of patents, trademarks and industrial designs in the area. These regulations integrate the best of the major industrial property systems to effectively protect R&D. In addition, the Spanish economy is among the countries with fewer restrictions on direct foreign investment. The OCDE FDI Restrictiveness Index situates it as the ninth in the world most open to cash flows from abroad.

All these factors make Spain an excellent destination for foreign companies who want to minimize risks of their investment, optimize services and obtain a high profitability for its products.