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Insolvency Law

We act in insolvency proceedings, both as liquidators and trustees as well as companies or individuals solicitors that enter into an insolvency proceeding in Spain.


Solicitors specialized in insolvency proceedings: Our team of spanish lawyers which includes experienced professionals with excellent and continuous training, which allows us to provide an optimal service to the client.


  • We have experience in executing cross-border insolvency restructurings.
  • We are specialists in the design of the strategy and implementation of restructuring processes.
  • Acquisition processes of companies and assets of companies that have entered into liquidation.
  • We actively participate with our clients in the negotiation and establishment of agreements in refinancing processes within or outside the scope of article 5 bis of the Spanish Insolvency Law.
  • Specialists in debt recovery in the spanish market and special executions.
  • Experts in refinancing and mediation processes in insolvency situations.
  • Reports on patrimonial sacrifice in refinancing agreements.




In Quabbala lawyers and economists we are a team of lawyers specialized in Bankruptcy Law, capable of working in cases both in national territory and abroad.


Our specialization in Bankruptcy Law comes from extensive experience in this legal field, reinforced by our results over the years. That is why we are very well regarded both as economists, as a bankruptcy law firm for companies and in the rest of the national and international territory.




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