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International Community Law



Quabbala lawyers and economists, is present to offer its services as a law firm specialized in international law.



We specialize in the different areas of international private law to help establish societies both in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe and Asia. This is due to our offices in both London and Hong Kong and because our team knows the international regulations, conventions and regulations that can be applied to each conflict. This always taking into account the laws of the other country.



Among our team of our international law firm specialized lawyers you can find:


  • Representation in European Courts.
  • Competition law.
  • Community procedure.
  • Foreign investments in Spain and Spanish investments abroad.
  • International recruitment.
  • Direction of disputes before supranational instances.
  • Expert Opinions.


In addition, thanks to our international team formed in the different offices in Spain, Asia and the United Kingdom, you can always find one of our professionals who are fluent in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Chinese, which makes communication easy and fast. and management of the matter to be resolved.








Our activity as an international law firm includes the following professional services:





  • Incorporation of companies
  • International contracts
  • Sale of companies
  • Buying and selling of companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy
  • Mergers and Financial Acquisitions
  • Contract writing | Contract supervision
  • Franchise contracts
  • Lawsuit against partners, administrators or society




  • Constitution of companies
  • Incorporation of companies in the UK and Hong Kong
  • Dissolution of Companies
  • Double taxation agreements
  • Farm inspections




  • Claims for amounts to a company
  • Claim for breach of contract
  • Claim unpaid invoices against companies
  • Claim unpaid invoices against administrators
  • Claim of checks and promissory notes
  • Compensation for damages




  • Pre-bankruptcy analysis and assessment
  • Pre-bankruptcy advice
  • Contest request
  • Processing of voluntary competitions
  • Development of viability plan – settlement plan
  • Participation in all phases of the contest



Our firm of international lawyers and economists are specialists in the different areas mentioned above under International Law and, for this reason, they can provide the best help and service for each of the different cases or situations that require International Law.








Our specialization in International Law comes from extensive experience in this legal field, reinforced by our results over the years. This is why we are very well regarded as an international law firm for companies and also as international trade lawyers forming companies abroad, conducting market research and registering their trademarks in countries in Asia and the United Kingdom.




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