Sports law

Intermediation and advice to players, coaches, clubs and agents

Sports Law is growing steadily, and is now fully introduced in corporate practice.
The transversal nature of Sports Law results in a wide variety of standards which proceed from different areas of the legal system, such as Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law or Labor and Social Security Law, among others.

What is a specialist in Sports Law for?

The average citizen tends to believe that everything is invented and that nothing can be done against the decisions of clubs, committees, federations and sporting bodies. Error, there are many cases in which the rights of the youngest athletes and their clubs, must be safeguarded by specialists in Sports Law.

Specialists in Sports Law

Through our Sports Law area, in Quabbala we offer intermediation services and advice to players, coaches, clubs and agents. Our legal and financial advice is based on a deep knowledge of the sector by our team of lawyers and economists, and covers several areas, including legal protection, safeguarding investments, economic and sports rights, management of the public image and tax advice.
Quabbala´s team of lawyers and economists provide professional athletes with comprehensive advice in the management of their professional career, as well as support in their relationship with clubs and federations. Jointly, the athlete is provided with tax and accounting advice, global income planning to achieve lasting economic security, management of image rights, and representation before administrative entities, sports organizations, arbitration institutions and jurisdictional bodies.
With regard to agents and clubs, Quabbala offers a comprehensive solution adapted to their day-to-day, participating in the daily fiscal, accounting and labor management, and monitoring compliance of the legislation to which they are subject in their professional sports field. Likewise, in Quabbala we represent clubs and agents before all types of organisms and entities, public or private, national or international.