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Corporation Tax Experts

Experience in both Spanish and England and Wales jurisdictions

  • Business Entity Tax Basics

  • Deal with HMRC

  • We appeal to HMRC on your behalf

  • We appeal to HMRC on your behalf

  • Corporation Tax Registration

  • VAT, EORI, PAYE, CIS Registration

  • International Tax and Law

Corporation Tax Experts

Experience in both Spanish and England and Wales jurisdictions

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    Tax and Law UK

    If you are seeking professional guidance in matters involving HMRC, Corporation Tax, VAT, EORI or CIS, you have come to the right place.

    With our extensive knowledge and experience in both Spanish and England and Wales jurisdictions, we are well-positioned to assist individuals and businesses in achieving their legal objectives seamlessly. Our team of experienced lawyers understands the complexities and nuances of cross-border legal matters, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise and support throughout the process.

    Quabbala Lawyers

    Quabbala Limited is a multi-disciplinary full service Insolvency Practitioners and a International Law firm based in the City of London, with an exceptional client base and particular expertise in Insolvency situations (Administration, Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).


    Business contracts and legal Documents

    Appointing us to deal with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) brings valuable benefits. Our experienced team understands the UK’s tax system and keeps up with regulations, ensuring compliance so you can save the time and stress to handle HMRC matters as well as reduce the administrative burdens. We have the know-how to communicate with HMRC, reducing the risk of penalties or unnecessary tax liabilities. We can negotiate on your behalf and work towards satisfactory resolutions.


    Tax Appeals

    If you have received an unfavorable decision from HMRC regarding your tax affairs, you have the right to challenge it through a tax appeal. And we can do that for you. We will thoroughly review your case, gather relevant evidence, and develop persuasive arguments to present on your behalf. Our goal is to seek a favorable resolution that aligns with your interests and legal rights.


    Register for Corporation Tax

    Corporation Tax is a tax imposed on the profits of limited companies and other organisations registered in the UK. Registering for Corporation Tax is a legal requirement for businesses operating in the UK. As your dedicated legal representatives, we will determine if your business is liable for Corporation Tax and provide guidance on the necessary steps for registration, as well as prepare and submit the required documentation to HMRC on your behalf, ensuring a smooth registration process.


    EORI Registration

    An EORI number is a unique identification code issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK. It serves as a crucial identifier for businesses involved in customs activities, allowing customs authorities to track and monitor trade movements. An EORI number is necessary for importing and exporting goods with the UK.Our experienced team evaluates your business activities to determine whether EORI registration is required for your import and export operations with the UK. We will guide you in gathering the necessary documents and information needed for EORI registration as well as complete and submit the EORI registration application to HMRC on your behalf. We will be the ones communicating with HMRC and customs authorities, handling any inquiries and providing additional information as necessary to expedite the registration process.


    File your company’s annual accounts

    Preparing and filing annual accounts with Companies House is a fundamental requirement for businesses in the UK. We understand that this process can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer a simplified approach to help you efficiently prepare and file your annual accounts, ensuring compliance with Companies House regulations. We meticulously review your financial records and transactions, organising them into clear and concise financial statements.However, each business is unique. Therefore, we customsze our approach to match your specific industry, size, and reporting requirements. We ensure that your annual accounts are accurately prepared and submitted within the statutory deadlines set by Companies House.


    International Tax Law

    At Quabbala, we specialise in international tax advisory services, recognising the significance of this matter for our overseas clients conducting business across borders. Our experienced team of cross-border lawyers understands the complexities of international tax regulations and offers comprehensive guidance to ensure compliance and optimise tax planning strategies.By understanding international tax laws, clients can position themselves competitively in the global market, ensuring tax efficiency while adhering to legal requirements.

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      Elly F.
      "Choosing Quabbala was a decision that paid off in countless ways. Their reputation for providing exceptional and personalised service is well-deserved. Their dedication to excellence, combined with their agility and expertise, allowed us to enjoy the resources and knowledge of a larger firm, with the attention to detail and personal touch of a smaller, more dedicated team. The partners were actively involved and readily available throughout our entire engagement.
      Olivia H.
      "Right from the start, the effectiveness and commitment of Quabbala in setting up our limited company was very much appreciated. Their integrity and fast response times make them unique. They took the time to understand our specific needs and displayed exceptional diligence in dealing with Companies House and handling our affairs with HMRC. Quabbala is a dedicated team that truly cared about us and went above and beyond to make it happen
      Harry P.
      "Working with Quabbala has been an absolute pleasure. Their ability to get back to us swiftly with comprehensive solutions made us feel supported all along the way. Whether it's a pressing concern, a last-minute question, or simply seeking guidance, Quabbala has always been ready to lend a helping hand.