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Business Refinancing

Dear clients


No doubt at all Spanish Government, Courts, profesional bodies and practitioners will do HUGE efforts, their best, to manage the gigantic amount of Insolvency files we forecast, however probably Courts will suffer delays, maybe in some provinces, serious delays to service the files and even sometimes, eventually and exceptionally, be overloaded or even collapsed, because of the highest increase for decades of insolvency files, therefore maybe Insolvency procedures would not be the second chance your company will need, maybe just for liquidations


In Spain out of courts restructuring and refinancing is already regulated in the Insolvency Act, it works pretty well!, creditors Voluntary arrangements and schemes will be the way for Pre-packs and refinance your company, in fact and maybe to have a real second chance


Quabbala has one of the most talented, experienced and focused staff for restructuring and insolvency, a real focused team of IP, solicitors ( abogados ) and accountants


For decades we have managed these files, focused in corporate restructuring, refinancing and Insolvency


We are licensed Insolvency practitioners, solicitors ( abogados) and accountants in Spain and licensed Insolvency practicioners  ( office holders) in England and Wales, one of the few licensed and with the skills to deal with these complex procedures


Our staff would be delighted to answer your questions and service your cases in Spain, UK, Germany, other EU countries and cross border cases


Please contact us asarp to have this chance


QUABBALA Ltd, leading firm in London for Spanish companies, could represent their interests in the liquidation procedure of Thomas Cook in the UK.


Ruben Garcia-Quismondo Pereda, founding partner of this Spanish-English firm with offices in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza and Bilbao, has more than 30 years of experience advising European and South American companies in London.


Mr Garcia-Quismondo is the only Spaniard licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in the UK.



Last Thursday, the seminar given by Quabbala Limited about «Restructuring your company in the United Kingdom» that took place in London and it was a complete success.


Rubén Garcías Quismondo was in charge of giving this seminar through the British Chamber of Commerce.


If you want to know more about what we talked, please, send me an email to and we will be pleased to inform you.